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Off Road is nothing short of extremely awesome, gravel roads and dirt trails require you slow down as speeding will throw a lot of rocks, many of which will hit your windshield and your Rigs body and can cause expensive repairs. Gravel roads also have the tendency to create “washboard”, giving your vehicle the shakes so badly you may think your arms and legs are going to fall off. Trails are a dirt road obstacle courses with ruts, submerged boulders, uneven surfaces, and potholes deep enough to sink a tire or entire vehicle. Slowing down not only shields you from surprises, you’ll have far more enjoyment from that unspoiled scenery you were so anxious to see.

The reason we created The Off Road Club - TORC is just for the reasons above, to get off road and get people that wouldn't normally off road in league with the "seasoned" experts that have rigs built for the boulders, water crossing and washboards that the path less traveled is littered with.

There are a few things you need to know to off road, that we suggest and are great rules and things to know.

1. Your Vehicle:

You wouldn't take a Dodge Neon to a drag strip (at least I wouldn't), so it's not a great idea to take your stock 4x4 vehicle up a Double Black Diamond (more on that next.)

2. Know the Terrain:

Trail ratings are important to know. Jeep Trail ratings are kind of a standard many go by so we'll break those down here.

Green: The previously mentioned Dodge Neon could probably make this, it's like a dirt road with incline that doesn't really require that much use of 4WD.

Blue: These are a bit more demanding than Green Trails and generally have some nice boulders and a stream is generally always present on these, there is moderate use of 4WD and some 4LO, especially where mud is present.

Yellow: Modified vehicles are pretty much a necessity here, a nice 2.5 and above lift and rocker panels are highly suggested. A spotter is greatly encouraged (Never off road Alone - Its more fun with friends anyway.) These are fairly demanding trails and keeping your head a swivel is important to say the least. Generally fairly steep climbs (4LO), big big boulders are present for sure and wet feet are going to happen and there will be some really big mud holes.

Black: (4 inch lift or better in our opinion), generally all 4LO and serious slow rolling occur on a Black, the climbs are steep enough that at times you'll feel like you're lying in your bed and the flex on your rig will be ridiculous. Recovery gear and winches are used often on these trails as are spotters. The down hill climb is just as treacherous if not more so than the ascent up. Water crossings are mid door and above, if any are on the trail (snorkel is a really good idea here - seriously), there are mud holes big enough to swallow your whole rig.

Double Black: This is the holy mecca of trails, the most seriously modified of vehicles and experienced of trail runners need attempt, This is the most demanding and toughest trails in the world. Spotters are required, recovery gear and GPS beacons are recommended.

Speed: "Slow is smooth and Smooth is fast" is a mantra I learned in the Army and it is ever present in the off road community. If you rush through a trail you're going to break your rig, yourself or someone else. Take it easy and enjoy the ride thats the whole point of off roading to get out of your everyday "rut", pun intended.

Weather: Know what to pack and what the weather is going to be this is a big variable that so many forget to plan for, from Snow melt in the mountains to flash floods in the plains, if the weather turns and you’re unprepared your experience is going to really suck.


Bring some snacks, extra water, first aid kit, fire extinguisher a knife and 50 feet of rope or chain if you have room (25 foot if not), a change of clothes in a plastic bag and extra shoes. Most importantly bring a can of fuel, it’s inevitable either you or someone on the trail will run out of fuel and be stuck, Don't be that person but if you see that person use trail etiquette and help them out.

Speaking of etiquette, Be courteous to other off road drivers, give the right-away to vehicles on the left when on a narrow trail or road. Stay on the trail or road as marked, don't try to make your own trail when you don't have to. If you're a friendly off roader, the community or state park will be more apt to let you come back and that just makes it better for the future off roaders. Always be courteous to those around you and respect where you wheel! Always clean up after yourself and stay within designated areas.

Lastly join a local off roading club, group or make your own and have fun.

The Off Road Club – affectionately known as TORC, a drama free off road Enthusiast group. We don’t care what your rig is or where you’re from, if you love everything off road or you are just getting started you are welcome to join, we’d love to have have you. or Facebook and Instagram/theoffroadclub

Craig Bingham:

A native Texan, Avid off road enthusiast, Smoker master and King of BBQ in his neighborhood. Craig is huge in the auto world with connections with everyone from Jeep custom companies to rat rod builders. TORC was his brain child to bring together everyone of every walk of life into the off roading world.

Rob Bingham

A Native Texan, dual service veteran, serving in both the Navy (EW) and the Army (25N) concentrating in Cyber Warfare, and huge Denver Broncos Fan. He is currently an accomplished Director of Cloud Operations at a fortune 500 Company.
in a multitude of arenas with an emphasis in Security Systems Architecture. he is an avid off road enthusiast and lover of all things Jeep, American engineering and American made. Proud Supporters of Veteran owned businesses and organizations.

TORC Mission:

To bring together die hards, purist, passionate or just the passively interested in the off road world together to share stories, inspire one another, show off their rigs and bring attention to the builders, makers and companies doing really cool stuff in the off roading world.


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